Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Good Weekend

Ok I know this is really late but.... this past weekend I can honestly say was a great weekend. I got to spend time with some amazing people that I haven't really gotten a chance to hang with in a while. I feel so grateful to have been blessed with such amazing friends.

Anywho, my weekend all started with a hair cut! Blake's hair stylist, Amanda (who is such a  great person by the way), and I have been talking about getting my hair cut for a whole entire year now!!! And finally after our many failed attempts of getting together we decided to make it happen this weekend. So with that being said, I went up to the house they are staying at in LA and got my long awaited hair cut. Haha! I ended up staying there all day but to give a quick sum... I relaxed by the pool with Raelynn and spent some time catching up with Blake while we waited for Miranda, Kevin (Blake's tour manager) and Gwen, whom you probably saw on this season of The Voice. For those who didn't know, it was Raelynn and Gwen's birthday last week so we all went out Sunday night to celebrate at Saddle Ranch. Sooooo good! I had a blast hanging with those girls. Raelynn and Gwen are hilarious and such amazing and talented people. I love them! 

Let me tell ya... Blake has the most incredible crew around him. I have been fortunate enough to meet so many of them and you do not meet people that kindhearted and friendly very often. Kevin his tour manager, Amanda his hair stylist, Rob his bass player and the rest of his band, his beautiful wife Miranda!!! These guys are honestly such sincere, good people who you can't help but love. They are so encouraging. Then, Blake is the funniest, nicest, most caring person I have ever been around. He loves to be happy and always finds a way to make you laugh. He has a beautiful heart and is such a good friend. I can't stop saying how blessed I am to have all of them in my life. 

Visiting Blake this weekend helped me see a couple things... I have always loved my friends but when it came down to serious things I wanted to do everything on my own. This past year... Getting to know Blake, Miranda, Dia, Amanda, Kevin, Raelynn, Gwen, my "Voice" fam, the lovely guys in my band and every other person I've met along the way I have realized how important friends really are!! I have been on a crazy roller coaster this year and I forgot how much we need each other. We cannot do it on our own no matter how much we think we can. It is a wonderful thing to have people who can listen and go through the ups and downs with you. People you can laugh, cry, and talk with. We all need a friend sometimes! So value your friendships because we can do so much more together :)

I love you guys,

- Xenia


  1. oh so jealous! is your full album coming out soon?

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  3. Congratulations on your EP (I bought it and love it, by the way). It's early still, but you are on your way!

    Your last paragraph reminded me: I once knew someone who was estranged from his family. He went off to "find himself" for years, traveling all over and trying a succession of trendy "self-help" fads (primal scream, EST and variations, obscure religions; you name it). None of that gave him what he truly wanted--happiness--because he thought he didn't need anyone else but himself. As a last resort he finally returned to his family and discovered that he didn't have to leave family and friends behind. Contentment and happiness were all there if only he hadn't let his own anger and foolish pride guide him away.

  4. Hi xenia! Awesome that you share your life with us! I would really like to see you live, why don't you come to finland and make a few concerts here, people would really love you and i would then see you live. :) how about the song that you asked people to tell you to do in facebook, what song did you choose?